Apps for Summer Road Trips

Summer is the perfect time to travel. Long days and even longer nights make summer vacations the most memorable trips. But before you pack your bags and hit the road, download a few of these apps to plan for everything you will need for your trip.

Waze-This is a favorite app for traveling around the country or even in your own town. Waze is the perfect app for planning trips, re-routing around traffic, getting updates on speed traps or obstructions in the road, and even personalized notices of favorite restaurants and stores.

TripAdvisor- With this app you can search user comments and feedback to decide where you want to eat, stay, and visit while on your trip. Reading feedback from others is super helpful when you are visiting a new town.

PackPoint- If you are an over packer and you’d like a little help planning exactly what should go into your suitcases, download this app. With PackPoint, you enter the details of your trip like location, events, and weather, and you will get a customized list of what you should pack.
Uber- Once you get to your location, you don’t need to do all the driving. Be sure to download Uber onto your phone so you can park your car and enjoy your time while someone else takes the wheel.

WifiMapper- Give your data a break and use this app to find free wifi wherever you go. This one is great if you are out and about and need to connect to wifi. You can also receive information about the place where the free wifi is located by user comments.
Airbnb- If you are looking for a great place to stay at a great price, check out Airbnb. The app features hundresed of listing in thousands of cities, so if you need an affordable place to stay, you’ll find in with this app.

SitorSquat- This app is a must if you have kids and is pretty handy for adults as well. With this app, you can find a clean place to use the bathroom no matter where you are traveling. Based on user comments, you’ll know what the facilities look like and how to find them.