Ram 1500 Wins Wards Best User Experience Award

Pickup trucks, for many years, have been beloved thanks to their towing and payload capabilities. They get your boat to the lake during the summer, they haul trailers for work, and they even bring your camper for a nice weekend with the family. In recent years, with the addition of modern technology, Ram has fully integrated luxury, technology, and efficiency into their trucks. The 2019 Ram 1500 is the perfect example of a truck that keeps high payload and towing ratings, but adds features for a premier user experience. Other people are starting to notice, including WardsAuto. They have even decided to name the 2019 Ram 1500 is their 10 Best User Experience list! This kind of honor further boosts what we already know about this truck–it’s easy to use, and people love it. Keep reading to learn more about WardsAuto, and the Ram 1500.

Can you tell me about WardsAuto?

The process of creating the list that the 2019 Ram 1500 was added to is a long one. Editors at WardsAuto evaluated the user experience of 25 different vehicles. They rated them on overall value, materials, voice control, system compatibility, information/display, driver assistance technology, vehicle connectivity, sound systems, infotainment features, and user-friendliness. According to the managing editor at WardsAuto, Tom Murphy, the Ram 1500 won the award thanks to the unparalleled user experience among the pickup truck segment. This truck comes with a large command center that focuses in on a 12-inch touchscreen which includes navigation, climate adjustments, and phone pairing. WardsAuto understands what it takes to create an easy-to-use vehicle, and the fact is, the 2019 Ram 1500 has blown it out of the park when it comes to user experiences.

Can you tell me more about the 2019 Ram 1500?

Ram has made sure to give the 1500 the latest in materials, driver assistance, and infotainment. One of the points to focus on is the 12-inch configurable touchscreen, which has graphics for different Ram models. You can easily personalize this system with a split-screen, which allows for two different applications to operate at the same time. You can also add a 1360-degree Surround View Camera, which adds a birds-eye view through four different cameras, which makes it easier to see the surroundings using your 12-inch screen. Along with this system, you’ll also be getting next level audio, including the debut of SiriusXM with 360L. When you buy an all-new Ram you get one-year free of SiriusXM Guardian and All Access. With all of this technology, it’s important to keep all of it charged. The 2019 Ram 1500 comes with five USB ports, with three of them able to communicate with the Uconnect system.

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